WATCH: Jake Paul diss track targets Dana White, Jorge Masvidal, and Conor McGregor (includes lyrics)

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In a new post to his popular YouTube channel, Jake Paul laid into UFC president Dana White, as well as superstar fighters Jorge Masvidal and Conor McGregor with a classic hip-hop beef tradition: The diss track.

The public heat between the YouTube personality turned boxing sensation and the UFC boss has been a source for combat sports content in the media for more than a month. “Problem Child” has used his social media reach and viral talents to bash White for the unbalanced revenue sharing between the promotion and its fighters. White has fired back at the 24-year-old by questioning the level of competition he has faced over his first five fights and alleging he uses performance enhancers.

However, the feud has continued to reach new highs in recent weeks. On Friday, the public battle between them hit another landmark stage when Paul posted a new music video. In this all-new work, the sometimes rapper unloaded on White with allegations of cocaine use, dabbling in “hookers,” and mistreatment by not offering his fighters healthcare. “Problem Child” also went after a couple of UFC stars in the over three-minute-long video.

Jake Paul diss track: ‘F*ck Dana, f*ck Dana White, f*ck Dana, f*ck Dana White

The song opens with a barrage against White, and a quick opening jab at two-time welterweight title challenger Jorge Masvidal. Another member of the UFC fraternity Paul has traded trash talk with in regards to the amount of money each has made during their fighting career.

“F*ck Dana, f*ck Dana White, f*ck Dana, f*ck Dana White. First of all Masvidal, you ain’t rich. Fifty fights for five mil, that ain’t sh*t,” Paul started by rapping. “Underpaid fights where the healthcare rights? Got em riskin all they lives and they can’t quit. … Dana won’t you let ’em off the leash, let ’em come and make some breesh while you try to f*ck the Nelk Boys. Walked in on demon time. Dana, it’s a lot I know you keep inside. You be on my d*ck like you don’t got a wife and kids. Go put your focus on them hookers that you try to hide.”

Later in the track, the Ohio native claims the promotion hasn’t been the same since former undefeated lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov retired from the sport. This is one of Paul’s weaker critiques in the song since the UFC broke revenue records in 2021.

“Dana lackin infrastructure. That bald b*tch should’ve stayed a kickbox instructor. Since Khabib retired you just cannot recover,” he sang. “Your bankrupt, Fertittas went and pulled you out the dumpster. Dummy. All gas, like propane. Dana won’t you lay off that cocaine. First, he said my fights are fixed, now he said it’s steroids.”

Paul goes after Conor McGregor for lack of wins since 2016

jake paul diss track
Dec 18, 2021; Tampa, FL, USA; Jake Paul celebrates after knocking out Tyron Woodley (not pictured) at Amalie Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The song then shifts to attacks on UFC box office superstar Conor McGregor. As Paul bashes “Notorious” for being winless in the Octagon since 2016 and his long history of run-ins with the law.

“McGregor I ain’t see you win in five years. You rich little weirdo, ugly ass veneers. Took so many losses wounded up in VMA’s, trying to fight with MGK. No surprise here,” says Paul. “Lamborghini boat but your career is sinkin’. Really got me wonderin’ what [Nate] Diaz thinkin’. I ain’t even dissin’, now I’m really speakin’. Wounded up in jail too many times with all that liquor drinkin’.”

At the end of the video, which also features Bellator women’s featherweight champion, and former UFC titleholder, Cris “Cyborg” Justino, Paul has one final message for the “scumbag” MMA executive. Claiming he plans to keep up his apparent crusade against him, and the promotion’s decision-makers, until they make changes regarding fighter pay and healthcare.

“Dana pay your fighters more. Give them healthcare you scumbag. I haven’t met a single person who says anything good about you. I passed my drug test and you went silent. I’m keeping my foot on yo neck until you tap b*tch,” he says. “Stop raising your pay-per-view prices on the fans and not paying your fighters more. Greedy, old, lonely, bald b*tch.”

What are your thoughts on Paul’s diss track? Does he have some fair points, or is it just a bunch of nonsense?

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